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We at JM Designs wanted to share this article and our family story;

The journey through generations in our family's decorating legacy is a tale woven with unexpected turns and remarkable dedication. It all began in 1965 when my grandfather laid the foundation for our paint, wallpaper, and window treatment store. In 1978, my father, Michael Sferrazza, took the reins, steering the business towards great success.

My own path seemed divergent at first. After earning a BA in Liberal Arts in 1992, a period of limited job opportunities led me to assist my father temporarily at his Massapequa location. Little did I know that a chance encounter with a sales manager from Hunter Douglas would set me on an unforeseen career trajectory. Within a year, I had moved up to become an Account Executive. Motherhood prompted a pause in my professional journey, but it also sparked a newfound passion. Starting a business from home and delving into interior decorating through online classes felt like a natural fit. However, it wasn't until I pursued a degree in interior design after my children were a bit older that I fully realized my love for this craft.

Interestingly, my youngest, Deanna, seemed to inherit our family's knack for design. Her fascination with color and an avid interest in HGTV led her to pursue a BA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, one of the country's top 10 schools for the subject. Now, with our collective experiences and talents intertwined, Deanna and I are collaborating in the world of interior design. Our journey as a family, from unexpected beginnings to finding our true passions, culminates in a shared vision. Together, we're embracing the future, promising innovative designs and a continuation of our family's cherished tradition in the art of decorating. Here's to creating beautiful spaces that resonate with stories and reflect our enduring commitment to excellence.

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